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Hold Em Blackjack

Game Preview

7 card stud

NEW! Hold Em Blackjack is born!

Hold Em Blackjack combines the betting, the bluffing and player to player excitement of Texas Hold Em with the simplicity and speed of Blackjack.

How to Play
To help you get to know Hold’em Blackjack, we're providing a wide array of tourneys ranging from the small buy in's, for those of you gaining a feel for the game, to big money tourneys with added value for those that get to know the game. It's a great game so check out the rules here and give it a try today - it's available in the lobby now.

Click here for Hold’em Blackjack Rules

Tournaments are available now with ring games coming soon. Look for HBJ in the poker room lobby for details.

Single Table Tournaments (STTs) – 6 Seated:
These tournaments run all the time. As soon as they fill the action starts!

Daily Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs) – 6 Seated
(19:00 UK) $5 + $0.50
(20:00 UK) $10 + $1 $1,000 Guaranteed
(21:00 UK) $20 + $2 $1,000 Guaranteed
(21:30 UK) $ 7 + $1 (Satellite to the Weekly $50+$5 $5,000 Guaranteed)
(22:00 UK) $10 + $1
(23:00 UK) $30 + $1 $1,500 Guaranteed
(00:00 UK) $10 + $1
(00:30 UK) $ 7 + $1 (Satellite to the Weekly $50+$5 $5,000 Guaranteed)

Weekly Saturday MTT – 6 Seated
(20:45 UK) $50 + $5 $5,000 Guaranteed

In all tournaments players will receive 5,000 chips with blinds starting at 50-100 with 25 antes. For the Weekly $50+$5 tournament players will receive 10,000 chips

Some Hold Em Blackjack tips...

· Don't play too many hands with a weak starting card (e.g. 4, 5, 6, 7). A weak card is much more difficult to improve than a good starting card such as 10, J, Q, K, or A.

· A busted hand can still win! If all remaining players have also busted then 22 is the best possible hand.

· Remember Ace counts as 1 or 11. So you can't possibly bust by drawing a third card.

· Showing an Ace but don't have 21? This is a powerful bluffing opportunity.

· Remember a natural blackjack (i.e. AT, AJ, AQ, or AK) has the same value as any hand totaling 21.

· Wisely pick your opportunities to bet big with the Spread Limit structure in the final round to steal the pot on a bluff or win it legit.

· Hold'em Blackjack offers many differences to standard casino blackjack. Although there is no double-down, splitting, or insurance, you can bet, raise, and re-raise in three rounds of betting to win bigger pots and even bluff your opponents off their chips.

· In Hold'em Blackjack you need to outplay several opponents in a hand unlike casino blackjack where you only need to beat the dealer. So you typically need a stronger hand to win; but bluffing is definitely an option!

· Having a weak card showing creates deception and uncertainty in the minds of your opponents. It can be a perfect trapping opportunity to eliminate your opponents if you have a strong hand total such as 20 or 21. They won't see you coming!

· The odds of getting a 7 Card Charlie is over 48,000 to 1.

· Being seated in "late position" is a huge advantage. The more players to act before you in each round the more information you have to make your betting or drawing decisions. For example, if you think a player acting before has busted after hitting several times then you likely have them beat without drawing any more cards.

· Drawing more cards increases your chances of busting, but since only the second card is face up, drawing more cards also disguises the value of your hand.

· Keep practicing!

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