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Poker in Print
November 2006
A friend, who happens to be a publisher, asked me recently whether I would be interested in helping him put together a book about poker. Maybe I have this thing about seeing my name in print, so naturally I concurred, but with one proviso: that we were not assembling yet another instructional manual that resulted in its contributors being labelled 'poker guru'. "No," he confirmed, "it's much more interesting that that."
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Just the Job
October 2006
If you believe everything pumped out by the tabloids, mainstream television and radio stations, the number of areas in our daily lives that are considered likely to induce "stress" have multiplied severalfold over the past decade.
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US Legislation
September 2006
United States senators are not normally associated with initiating action reminiscent of a successful poker sting, but earlier this month, several of their members managed to pull off the sort of big-money flanker one might ordinarily witness in a dark, smoke-filled poker room in Las Vegas late into the night.
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For a Living?
August 2006
A few years ago, as the 'dotcom' share-dealing boom reached its peak, I knew a guy in London who opened an office to cater for the growing number of 'day traders' wanting to play the stock market. Anyone with £50,000 to spare could rent a desk and trade shares 24 hours a day at the rather ordinary-looking office which contained masses of screens showing share prices in locations as varied as Tokyo and New York.
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Slow Play
July 2006
It doesn't have to be poker - card players of every description tend to become frustrated when faced with an opponent who takes an age to consider his next move.
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WSOP 2006
June 2006
In the space of eighteen months, online poker has become the nation's favoured topic of conversation, spawning a new language as people discuss 'gunshot straights' and 'pocket pairs' at work, in the pub or on the bus. Earlier this week, I was even sent a BBC script from one of the corporation's daytime TV soaps and asked to advise upon the accuracy of its poker content before actors play the game in several forthcoming scenes.
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Poker Tells
May 2006
I recently watched as a fiery game at progressed for about ten minutes while I contemplated joining. Heeding the advice of most pros, I believe that it's good practice to examine what you're potentially letting yourself in for.
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PRE WSOP Tournaments
April 2006
I first met Greg ‘Fossilman' Raymer a few hours before the start of last year's British Poker Open final in London.
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March 2006
Sorry there hasn't been much in the way of articles. Stella my girlfriend has just given birth to our first baby the next Littlewoods Pro Joshua Chessa ( already an online player at 6 weeks just don't tell his mum ) With the EPT's finished and only really the WPT in Paris left its time to start looking across the pond and towards the WSOP?
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The World Heads Up
February 2006
If there is one direct, but often overlooked, benefit of poker's relentless boom, it is that tournaments are no longer held in questionable out-of-the-way locations from which you feel happy to have escaped with your life, never mind your bankroll. Nowadays, if you're hosting a poker tournament, why stage it in Hicksville-on-the-Marsh when more glamorous locations are falling over themselves to accommodate players, their wives and girlfriends and, more often than not, the television cameras?
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The Irish Open
January 2006
Have you ever waited in vain for a big juicy cheque to fall through your front door? Me too, but does it ever happen? Well, sort of.
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