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Poker Dictionary and Terms

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Ace-High An un-ranked hand containing an ace
Aces Full A full house containing three aces and any pair
Aces Up A pair of aces with any other pair
Action To either check, call or raise
Active Player An active player is still in the hand
Aggressive Player A player who raises and re-raises frequently
Ajax Hole cards containing one ace and one jack
All-In To wager all of your chips on your hand
American Airlines A pair of aces
Ante The blind bets. Betting before the hand is played.
Backdoor Producing an unexpected hand whilst aiming or betting for another hand. E.g. You may have two pairs after the flop, and bet on the strength of those cards. The turn and the river may then give you a straight or flush.
Backraise An unexpected raise from a player who has previously called in the round of betting.
Bad Beat To be beaten by an outside hand. EG. You may have 3 aces after the flop. Whilst unlikely, another player with 6-2 may make a low straight or a flush on the last community cards.
Bankroll The money you have to bet with
Belly Buster See Gut Shot
Bicycle or Bike A-2-3-4-5
Big Blind A compulsory bet at the start of the hand to start the action. This follows the small blind and is twice the value. Placed by the player sat two places clockwise from the dealer.
Big Slick An Ace and a King
Blank A card that does nothing to improve your hand
Blind Raise Raising without checking the value of your cards
Bluff To raise with the intention that other players will over estimate your hand and therefore fold their own hand.
Board The community cards
Boat See Full House
Bottom Pair When a player pairs the community card with the lowest value with one of his/her hole cards
Bring It In To start the betting in the first round.
Broadway A-K-Q-J-10
Bullets A pair of Aces
Bump A raise
Button A disk used to indicate the dealer.
Buy-In The amount required to enter the game
Call To match the bet of the previous player and therefore stay in the betting.
Calling Station A player who always calls - this type of player is difficult to bluff.
Case Chips The last of your chips
Cash In to leave the game and exchange your chips for cash
Cash Out See 'Cash In'
Check A player can check when no other player has bet yet. This moves the action on to the next player
Check-Raise To check, then raise when the action comes back round to you.
Cowboys A pair of Kings
Dead Man's Hand Two pair - Aces and Eights. This is named after the hand that Wild Bill was holding when he was shot.
Deuces more than one 2
Down Cards Called 'Hole Cards', these are the cards dealt face down so only the player can view them.
Doyle Brunson 10-2 in a Hold 'Em hand - Named after the hand Brunson won the WSOP twice with.
Drawing Playing a hand in the hope that it will improve.
Drop To fold your cards.
Ducks Two's
Early Position Having to decide whether to bet or fold before the rest of the players.
EPT European Poker Tour
Fifth Street The final card to be dealt and the start of the final round of betting. Also known as 'The River'
Fill Up Turn Three Of A Kind or Two Pairs into a full house.
Fishhook A Jack
Flat Call To match the bet of the previous player without raising
Flop The first community cards to be dealt. Three crads are placed face up in the middle of the table, and each player can use these cards to improve their hand.
Flop Games Games which use a flop are Texas Hold 'Em and Omaha.
Flush Any five cards of the same suit.
Flush Draw When a player has four cards of the same suit and is hoping for a fifth to be dealt.
Fold To surrender your cards and any money that you have contributed to the pot.
Forced Bet See 'Blind'
Four of a Kind Four cards of the same value
Fourth Street The fourth community cards to be dealt. Also known as 'The Turn'
Freeroll A tournament which is free to enter.
Freezeout A tournament you cannot re-buy into.
Full House A five card hand containing three cards of one value and two cards of another value. EG 2-2-2-J-J
Grinding When a player steadily increases their number of chips over a length of time.
Gut Shot A card that makes up an inside straight EG, 7 If the player has 4-5-6-8
Hand The best five cards a player has
Heads-Up When there are only two players involved in the betting.
Hit and Run A player who leaves the table after scooping a big win
Hole Cards These cards are dealt face down so that only the player can see them. Also see Down Cards
Image What kind of player you are considered to be by the others at the table
Inside Straight When the value of the final card to make a straight is in between the others. EG The player has 10-J-Q-A and a King is drawn.
Isolate To raise in order to reduce the players in the betting to just two.
Jacks-or- Better A form of poker that requires a pair of jacks or better to open the betting
Keep Them Honest To call on the river, despite thinking you do not have the best hand.
Key Card A card that will make your hand very strong. EG if you have 8-8-10-10 then either an 8 or a 10 will enable you to fill up (obtain a full house).
Kick It To Raise
Kicker The highest single card you have which does not contribute to your hand. EG A-A-A-10-4 would be three aces with a 10 kicker
Knock To knock on the table suggests you wish to check.
Kojak A King and a Jack
Ladies Queens
Late Position To be one of the last people at the table to bet. This allows the player to form opinions on what kind of hands the other players may have.
Lay Down Your Hand To Fold
Limit Poker Limit games have set rules as to what players can bet and raise.
Limp In To call a big blind rather than to raise it on the first round of betting.
Live Hand A hand that may be good enough to win the pot
Look When the final bet is called
Loose Playing more hands than average.
Low Limit Limit poker for relatively small stakes
Lowball A form of poker where the lowest hand wins
Main Pot When a player goes all in and the betting continues, a separate pot is started (see side pot). If the all in player wins, they are only entitled to the main pot.
Maniac An aggressive player who plays and raises a lot of hands.
Maverick Hole cards consisting of a Queen and a Jack
Meet To Call
Middle Pair When the middle value card on the flop creates a pair with one of your hole cards.
Minimum Buy-In The lowest amount of cash you can enter a game for.
Monster A hand that is very strong - likely to win the pot.
Muck To fold without showing the other players your cards.
No Limit A game where you can wager as many of your chips as you like in a single bet
Nut When you have the best possible hand at any point in the game. If you have A-A and the flop returns A-A-K then nobody else can possibly have a stronger hand at that point.
Offsuit Two cards of different suits.
Omaha A version of poker with four hole cards, 2 of which must make up your final hand.
On the Button The dealer, this also means that you are the last player in the betting.
Open Making the first bet
Open-ended Straight See also Outside Straight. Four consecutive cards meaning a card either side would create a straight. EG 4-5-6-7. A 3 or an 8 would give the player a straight.
Outside Straight See Open-Ended Straight
Overpair A pair of cards in the hole that beat anything on the board
Paints Picture cards
Pair two cards of the same value
Pass To Fold
Pay Off To Call or raise when you do not think you have got the best hand
Picture Cards Either a Jack, a Queen or a King
Play Back To Raise or re-raise another player.
Playing the Board When the community cards are the best hand you can make.
Pocket Cards See Down Cards or Hole Cards
Pocket Rockets A pair of aces in the pocket
Position Where a player is sat in relation to the dealer
Post To Bet
Pot The total of the bets placed, all chips are placed into the pot and the winner takes the pot.
Pot Limit The maximum bet you can place is to equal what is already in the pot
Put Down To Fold
Quads Four of a kind
Qualifier A satellite tournament. Also, in Hi-Lo Games, this is the requirement that the low hand must meet.
Rack A holder for poker chips
Rail The area around the poker table.
Railbird Somebody who is watching the action without taking part
Rainbow When the flop produces cards of different suits
Raise To match the value of the previous players bet and to increase it, the next player must now match your bet.
Rake The percentage of the pot taken by the poker room fo hosting the game.
Rank The value of the cards. EG a Jack is a higher rank than a 10
Rap To knock on the table indicating that you want to check.
Re-buy The amount a player pays to add another set of chips to his/her stack
Re-raise To raise again after being raised
Reading analysing the play of others, also a southern town.
Ring Game A game that is not a tournament
River The fifth and final community card. Also known as fifth street.
Rock A player who does not give up their stack easily, will only play when holding good cards.
Round of Betting The stage in the game where each player is given the opportunity to check, bet, call or raise depending on their opinion of their cards.
Rockets Two aces in the hole - see pocket rockets
Rounders People who play for a living
Royal Flush A-K-Q-J-10 All in the same suit. The best possible hand.
Rush To be on a rush is to have several winning hands in a short space of time
Sandbagging To bet in a fashion that conceals the true strength of your hand, generally increases bets from other players, also called slowplaying
Satellite A low buy in tournament that gives the winner a seat in, or a route to the main event
Scoop To win the pot
Seating List The list of players waiting to sit at a full table.
Second Pair When one of your pocket cards is paired with the second highest card in the community cards.
See To call
Semi-Bluff To bluff knowing that the hand you have could well improve later in the game.
Set Having a pair in the pocket that matches one of the community cards.
Seven-card Stud A form of poker where players are dealt 7 cards, the first two closed, then four open, the the last closed
Seventh Street The final card dealt in seven card stud
Short-Handed A game with not many players
Showdown When all of the betting is finished and there are two or more players left in the hand, a showdown determines the winner. This involves all of the players showing their pocket cards and the winner taking the pot.
Slowplay To conservatively bet when holding a strong hand. This generates more action from the other players, increases the pot and reduces the chance of other players folding.
Side Pot When one player goes all in, any further betting contributes to a side pot. If the all in player wins, they only take the main pot - the side pot goes to the best hand of the rest. If one of the players who continued to bet wins, they take both pots.
Sixth Street The sixth card dealt in sevgen card stud
Small Blind The first compulsory bet. This bet is placed without any cards being dealt and is there to generate the action. The small blind is usually equal to half the minimum stake at the table.
Solid See Rock
Speed Limit A pair of fives, named after the american speed limit
Split A tie, means the pot is split.
Stack The number of chips you have
Stay To Call
Steal Raise A raise by someone in a late position. Usually to encourage others to fold and therefore 'steal' the pot.
Steamrolling To re-raise again in order to get players to call more than once.
Steel Wheel A-2-3-4-5 of the same suit
Straight five consecutive cards, suit does not matter.
Straight Flush Five consecutive cards of the same suit.
Structure In limit games, the structure sets out what the limits of the game are in terms of blind bets, raises etc.
Stuck A player who is losing
Suit Cards are either Diamonds, Clubs, Hearts or Spades.
Table In the poker room there are a numbers of different tables that can be played for various stakes and limits. For example, you can find £1-£2 Limit tables.
Tell An unintentional sign given by a player which indicates the strength of his/her hand.
Texas Hold'em A form of poker where the player is dealt two pocket cards and 5 community cards are also dealt. The player must then make the best five card hand from these seven cards.
Thirty Miles Three tens
Three of a Kind Three cards of the same value
Tight See Rock
Tilt, On A player who is 'On tilt' has allowed their behaviour to change as a result of losing.
Top Pair When one of your pocket cards is paired with the highest card in the community cards.
Top Two Pair When one of your pocket cards is paired with the highest card in the community cards and your other pocket card is paired with the second highest.
Treys A pair of threes
Trips Three of a kind
Turn The fourth community card dealt. Also known as fourth street
Two Pair A hand containing two pairs of a different value. EG 2-2-9-9-Q
Under the Gun The first person to act in the betting after the blind bets
Underpair A pocket pair of a lower value than the cards on the board
Up Card A card dealt face up.
Walking Sticks Sevens
WPT World Poker Tour
WSOP Worls Series Of Poker - The world's biggest poker tournament


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